Wednesday, 5 June 2013


from Rottweilers (Givenchy Autumn/Winter Collection 2011),
to Dobermans for this year's Fall Collection.
these Canines will be printed in most shirts and jackets in a very abstract designs and patterns.

I am always impressed with how Riccardo Tisci make use of Iconic Photographs and Arts
and reproduced it for shirts and jackets and make it a statement.
From Sharks, to Bird's of Paradise, to Rottweilers, to Religious Iconography which makes a very good statement last season.
Now he's making use of Iconic Photos of Male Nudes from the late American Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe as an accent to this year's Fall/Winter Collection for Givenchy.

This year's Fall, Ricardo Tisci decided to bring back the checked shirts, in which i believe is a good come-back. 
I love that the checked patterns are so sophisticated, clean and polished.

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