Friday, 26 July 2013


TOP: Recoil
CREEPERS: Salvation Army

"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and sit back and watch the world ask how you did it." -Tori Traux

Most of the time life hands a bunch of lemons and sometimes we tend to leave the lemons behind. but what we did not know is that the more we say "No" to those lemons the more we receive.
Running away from problems will not make our lives sweeter... we're just making it worse. What we need to do is to take those lemons and eat it!!! "don't waste food!!!." Let's face the fact that no matter what we do, life will not easily take back the lemons they gave us. So instead of avoiding those lemons, turn them into something sweet! Face it! solve the problem! and you will be amazed of how good and strong you can be by solving those puzzles yourself. It may also bring out the best in you. And the whole world will be surprized of how well you managed to overcome your problems. And so the next time life throws lemons in your face, Slice them!!! and swallow them together with your favorite tequila and start dancing! :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

INVICTUS: New Fragrance by Paco Rabanne

So Yesterday I attended PUIG's New Product Launches 2013 at Nuance Watson SG Training Office in Changi Airport, Singapore.
and I am so excited to share to you guys the latest men's fragrance from Paco Rabanne called "INVICTUS" meaning "Unconquerable". This unique fragrance for men also comes with a very unique bottle in a form of a "trophy".

Paco Rabanne is Famous for his Avant Garde taste for fashion using unconventional materials like Metal, Plastic and Paper for his Flamboyant designs.
 In year 1968 Paco Rabanne Collaborated with PUIG company and began to create and market his own Fragrance Line.
The concept for Paco Rabanne's Fragrances statred with a DREAM.
The first dream was to become a ROCK STAR and so Black XS was created. The second dream was to become RICH. 1 Millon by Paco Rabanne was launched and became a worldwide hit!
And today, the dream of every man is VICTORY and to become a true CHAMP! And so that was the idea and concept of INVICTUS, to become a CHAMP. to be UNBEATABLE, UNCONQUERABLE and to be DESIRED by every woman.

Invictus is a very Fresh, Energetic and Sensual Fragrance that gives a very nice scent of a true champion.
The Freshness of Invictus came from the scents of Grapefruit peel, marine Accord and Bay Leaves. and it's Sensuality came from the scents of Guaiac wood, Patchouli and Amber Gris.

Believe it or not, this fragrance can be a real landslide hit to perfume markets worldwide!!! I have tested the fragrance myself at the training yesterday, and I really liked the smell! and I am so much excited for it's first launching in ASIA this coming September 2013. and i will definitely be the first one to queue and grab this INVICTUS fragrance for myself. :)

Monday, 15 July 2013


The Latest Menswear Resort 2014 Collection for Givenchy, takes influence from latin men's confidence and "no fear" to mix and match Camouflage & Floral Prints in same piece.
The Collection sports combinations and variations of Camouflage, Checks and Floral Rosebuds, Digital Prints and vivid stripes via horizontal inserts of different graphics.
Givenchy will also introduce men's bag collection in the same Rosebuds, Flames, Camouflage in different colours, Matte Black and Multi colored Leather. This Collection clearly shows Ricardo Tisci's Eternal Love for Sophisticated Urban and Casual Streetwear. but this time it will be more of newly variations of the said prints and graphics combined all at once that surprisingly work.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mirror Mirror

My very own Yellow Mirrored Retro Specs from: H&M

Are you guys feelin' Hot Hot Hot??
Is it because of the weather?? Is it Too Bright??
why not get over it with a of pair mirrored sunglasses?
be cool and get some attention with these multi-colored, iridescent lenses.
Here are some addition to my wish-list before the Summer ends. :)

1. Pink Framed Mirrored-lens Aviator DOROTHY PERKINS
2. Round Glass Multi-color Mirror Lens ASOS
3. Flower Power Round Mirrored Sunglasses BETSEY JOHNSON
4. Arista Metal Mirrored Aviator in Blue RAY-BAN
5. Retro Inspired Mirrored Sunglasses MARC BY MARC JACOBS
6. Black Metal Frame with Tonal Mirrored Lens TOPSHOP
7. Sport Exclusive 50's Mirrored Retroscpecs JEEPERS PEEPERS
8. Oversized Double-Framed Light Mirrored Shades GUCCI
9. Sturdy Silvertoned Mirrored Sunglasses TONY BIANCO MIDTOW
                  10. Arista Metal Mirrored Aviator in Fuchsia RAY-BAN                   
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