Monday, 17 June 2013


Hello again fashionistas! ✖
So while waiting for a friend to finish her "go-see" here at The Co. in Singapore I decided to write again. :)
and so here... A new ootd post from yours truly.
This is actually a fun-shot that me and friend Jamae did one sweet afternoon.
I just grabbed out one of my favorite pullovers and matched it with giant gold chains that I borrowed from her.
I love how the dangling skulls makes the chains look very edgy and yet still looking sophisticated.
I also used Louis Vuitton Toiletry pouch as clutch bag as part of my ensembles.

And just for your information guys, I did most of the editing for the photos :) I'm still new to this kind of photo-editing "thing" and completely I have no background at all
But ha!!!! I'm surprisingly amazed on how nice and classy my photos turned out. :)

Pullover Top: Vintage
White Long Sleeves Shirt from: MEMO
Necklace from: ZARA
Leather Clutch Bag from: Louis Vuitton
Vintage Leather Boots from: DrMartens

Photos by Jamae DeGollo

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