Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Inverted Cross Tank Top by: Far East
Red Plastic Pants by: Forever 21
Printed Sneakers by: Forever 21

This is my very first shoot from a very good friend-photographer named Van Eisha that i met here in Singapore.
She asked me to dress the way i wanted for the shoot, and so i arrived wearing my normal day attire. tank top, jeans and rubber shoes.
I always love love to wear "sando" tank tops. Not because the weather is always humid here in Singapore, (ok that's one!) :) but because it's super relaxing and always comfortable to wear. (well... except when the weather is cold or when it's raining!)
I normally pair it with jeans coz i really hate wearing shorts and bermudas to be honest, unless needed lol. But seriously this photo-shoot really makes me nervous. Maybe because I know that I am not really a model and I'm not really good in posing for pictures professionally.
but still, thanks to Van, she really gave me lots and lots of patience.
And just to let you all know.. one of my my lifelong dream is to become a model, that i know it's 'gonna be too impossible to happen! considering the fact that i was not gifted with "height"! haha
But oh well who cares?! I'm still pushing it! I'm just being myself and I'm just being happy in life!
Life is too short to deprive ourselves from those things that makes us happy.
And so here you go guys! here's another ootd post for you all. :) Forgive me for my sooo "awkward poses" I'm still learning... and I'm trying.
But honestly I am very much happy with how this photos end up. I think it's pretty, Van did a great job and i think i really did a good job too! :)
lemme' know what you guys think?? :) 

Inverted Cross Tank Top by: Far East
Red Plastic Pants by: Forever 21
Printed Sneakers by: Forever 21

Photos by: Vans Bacolod Aborot

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