Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vampire Weekend

Leather Jacket Cache Cache
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tank Top Far East 
Metallic Blue Skinny Jeans MANGO
Boots Dr. Martens

Photos by:
Vans Bacolod Aborot

with model Jamae de Golo
Bondage Dress
Shoes Christian Louboutin

This shot supposedly my next outfit post after "cross", but since I don't have any soft copy of the pictures with me, it took me almost a month to make this post.
"Twilight" was not the original concept but since I noticed that my face turned out to be extremely pale that I almost kinda look like Edward Cullen, then I decided to go for
Vampire Weekend is actually one of my favorite bands that plays good Indie-Pop-Rock Music that I'm really into right now.
their album "Contra" released back in 2010 && their latest Album "Modern Vampires of the City" released last May of this year, has been on my playlist for months now, and has been one of my "Feel-good-music" ever!
check out their music below!!! my faves are Diane YoungUnbelievers & Horchata

Saturday, 22 June 2013

New Baby

Why hello there my sweet baby boy. this is the new Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55  that I just received from my mom and dad as a birthday present for me last april. And since there's no time for them to actually visit me here in Singapore I got my present very late. I am very much happy with my bag and I can't wait to actually use this lovely keepall and match it with to my next outfit post :) thanks a bunch to my mom & dad. just sharing guys ^_^

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hello again fashionistas! ✖
So while waiting for a friend to finish her "go-see" here at The Co. in Singapore I decided to write again. :)
and so here... A new ootd post from yours truly.
This is actually a fun-shot that me and friend Jamae did one sweet afternoon.
I just grabbed out one of my favorite pullovers and matched it with giant gold chains that I borrowed from her.
I love how the dangling skulls makes the chains look very edgy and yet still looking sophisticated.
I also used Louis Vuitton Toiletry pouch as clutch bag as part of my ensembles.

And just for your information guys, I did most of the editing for the photos :) I'm still new to this kind of photo-editing "thing" and completely I have no background at all
But ha!!!! I'm surprisingly amazed on how nice and classy my photos turned out. :)

Pullover Top: Vintage
White Long Sleeves Shirt from: MEMO
Necklace from: ZARA
Leather Clutch Bag from: Louis Vuitton
Vintage Leather Boots from: DrMartens

Photos by Jamae DeGollo

Monday, 10 June 2013


This year's Fall, Gucci's Creative Director, Frida Giannini creates a Contemporary Minimalist Collection.
Gucci will be Fifties this Fall and we will be seeing more Cheked Pattern, Checked Suits, Two Button Jackets and blazers, Tapered Cuffed Pants, Biker Jackets, and Riding Pants.
They will also focus more on Equestrian Shirts and Knitted-Sleeves Riding Coats with a touch of Velvet Collars.
Palettes will be more earthy tones like green, sky blue and khaki.
Accessories will be the usuall suspects, like Leather Duffles, Backpacks, Totes and Briefcases, Sleek Ankle-Boots and a Tortoise Sunglasses. This Collection really creates a very nice Fifties English Countryside Appeal.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


from Rottweilers (Givenchy Autumn/Winter Collection 2011),
to Dobermans for this year's Fall Collection.
these Canines will be printed in most shirts and jackets in a very abstract designs and patterns.

I am always impressed with how Riccardo Tisci make use of Iconic Photographs and Arts
and reproduced it for shirts and jackets and make it a statement.
From Sharks, to Bird's of Paradise, to Rottweilers, to Religious Iconography which makes a very good statement last season.
Now he's making use of Iconic Photos of Male Nudes from the late American Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe as an accent to this year's Fall/Winter Collection for Givenchy.

This year's Fall, Ricardo Tisci decided to bring back the checked shirts, in which i believe is a good come-back. 
I love that the checked patterns are so sophisticated, clean and polished.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Inverted Cross Tank Top by: Far East
Red Plastic Pants by: Forever 21
Printed Sneakers by: Forever 21

This is my very first shoot from a very good friend-photographer named Van Eisha that i met here in Singapore.
She asked me to dress the way i wanted for the shoot, and so i arrived wearing my normal day attire. tank top, jeans and rubber shoes.
I always love love to wear "sando" tank tops. Not because the weather is always humid here in Singapore, (ok that's one!) :) but because it's super relaxing and always comfortable to wear. (well... except when the weather is cold or when it's raining!)
I normally pair it with jeans coz i really hate wearing shorts and bermudas to be honest, unless needed lol. But seriously this photo-shoot really makes me nervous. Maybe because I know that I am not really a model and I'm not really good in posing for pictures professionally.
but still, thanks to Van, she really gave me lots and lots of patience.
And just to let you all know.. one of my my lifelong dream is to become a model, that i know it's 'gonna be too impossible to happen! considering the fact that i was not gifted with "height"! haha
But oh well who cares?! I'm still pushing it! I'm just being myself and I'm just being happy in life!
Life is too short to deprive ourselves from those things that makes us happy.
And so here you go guys! here's another ootd post for you all. :) Forgive me for my sooo "awkward poses" I'm still learning... and I'm trying.
But honestly I am very much happy with how this photos end up. I think it's pretty, Van did a great job and i think i really did a good job too! :)
lemme' know what you guys think?? :) 

Inverted Cross Tank Top by: Far East
Red Plastic Pants by: Forever 21
Printed Sneakers by: Forever 21

Photos by: Vans Bacolod Aborot
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